7 January 2021 Update

Advice to Residents & Families – COVID-19 Update



Dear Residents and Families,

NSW Health has today updated its advice to residential aged care facilities. This direction has been issued in order to help protect residents and staff.  The direction was issued by NSW Health at 12:52pm today and will beimplemented immediately by CCCCA facilities.  

The new directions are as follows:

 “Until further notice all residential aged care facilities must:

 • ensure all staff and visitors wear a surgical mask within the facility

 • ensure residents have a maximum of only two visitors each day. They may have different visitors each day provided they are not from the Northern Area of the Northern Beaches, City of Wollongong, Cumberland City Council or the Canterbury Wardof Canterbury Bankstown Council. 

• exclude staff and visitors who:
o live in a household with a person who is currently self-isolating
o have been to any of the latest COVID-19 locationsin NSW at the times and dates listed, excluding the monitor for symptoms list
o have a fever (37. 5°C or higher) or symptoms of COVID-19 (acute blocked nose congestion has been added to the list of symptoms)
o are a close contact of a person with confirmed COVID-19 and are within their self-isolation period.
o exclude visitors from the Northern Area of the Northern Beaches, City of Wollongong, Cumberland City Council or the Canterbury Wardof Canterbury Bankstown Council.

• regularly visit the NSW COVID-19 website on areas of active community transmission
 • ensure that legible records are kept of visitor and staff entry and exit into the facility for contact tracing purposes.
• Residents are able to leave the facility to attend family gatherings of fewer than 5 people, if there will be no persons at the event that during the last 14 days have been:

• residents Northern Area of the Northern Beaches, City of Wollongong, Cumberland City Council or the Canterbury Ward of Canterbury Bankstown Council.
• a close contact of a person confirmed with COVID-19 and are within their self-isolation period
• in any of the locations listed on the have been to any of the latest COVID-19 locations in NSW at the times and dates listed, excluding the monitor for symptoms list
• living in a household with a person who is a close contact or otherwise currently self-isolating
• In some circumstances there may be a need for residents to be isolated for a period of time once they have returned to the facility.
• It is strongly recommended that residents wear a mask at all times when they are out of the facility.
• Please discuss any urgent medical appointments with the Manager prior to the event so that a thorough risk assessment can be undertaken”.

I would once again like to assure you that we will be complying in full with this direction.

 Please visit the following NSW Health websites for updates:



 The advice from NSW Health is constantly being updated and I would encourage you to regularly check for updated information.

It is especially important that residents maintain safe contact with their families during this period and we will continue to provide opportunities for staying in contact with residents via electronic means (Skype, Zoom etc) and I am aware that many families have taken up this option and residents have reported enjoying these virtual visits.  Please contact the facility to book a time for a virtual visit.

The Board and Management are well aware that this is a difficult time for families and are regularly reviewing policies and practice. I encourage you to use our feedback channels if you wish to comment on any issue.

 Once again the safety & well-being of our residents and staff are our number one priority at the moment and your compliance with these requirements will greatly assist us in maintaining a safe environment for all.  The engagement and willingness of families & residents to comply with recent changes has been overwhelmingly positive and I would like to once again thank everyone for their understanding and cooperation during these difficult times.

I would once again remind you that the Australian Aged Care Quality & Safety Commission have produced a number of useful resources outlining what families and residents can expect during a COVID-19 outbreak and I would encourage you to access these resources through the Commission’s website.  The link to the site is:


Resources include:

 • How to Stay Safe from COVID-19:

• What to Expect During a COVID-19 Outbreak – Residents in an Aged Care Home:
• Staying Connected with the People You Love During COVID-19:
• How to Stay Active and Enjoy Myself During COVID-19:

If you have particular concerns in regard to any aspect of our policy regarding these restrictions please make contact with the Executive Care Manager at Killarney Court or the Facility Manager at Lake Haven Court.  We will do our best to ensure that you stay connected with your loved ones.

 ​For Killarney Court Aged Care Facility


​Ms Julie Kalman

​Executive Care Manager

​02 4389 1133

​For Lake Haven Court Aged Care Facility


​Ms Arlene Kozaroski

​Facility Manager

​02 4394 0555


In addition residents and their family or representatives who need support or have any concerns can contact the Older Person’s Advocacy Network (OPAN) on 1800 700 600.

Yours sincerely, 

Greg Williams

Chief Executive Officer