All facilities boast bright and comfortable lounge areas that are central and very popular for concerts and other planned activities as well as simply relaxing with fellow residents, family or friends.

We pride ourselves on our very low staff turnover. Our staff are dedicated and passionate about the care of the aged and see it as a privilege to look after our residents in ‘their home’.

Residents may choose to stay with the General Practitioner (Doctor) they know. Otherwise we have a number of Doctors that regularly visit their patients in our facilities. Please let us know if this is something you are interested in. Like all Doctors, ours can provide referrals to various specialists as required.

Well balanced meals are provided daily. Dietitians who consider dietary requirements specifically of older persons develop all menus. Residents may choose from a varied menu supplied by our catering services provider, which allows for seasonal change and special occasions for example; St Patrick’s Day, Christmas and Valentines Day. We can cater for special dietary requirements for example; gluten free or vegetarian. Morning and afternoon teas are served in our dining rooms and communal lounge areas conveniently located in the centre of each facility.

Each site has a dedicated hairdressing salon that our hairdressers attend on a weekly basis. Residents benefit from having regular weekly arrangements with our hairdressers, booking in advance for appointments or simply requesting an appointment on the day.

We are committed to keeping our residents as independent and mobile as possible, as well as minimising the discomfort associated with ageing and decreased mobility. That is why we have physiotherapists at all of our sites at least four days a week to assist us in achieving resident goals. Our dedicated physiotherapists are a fantastic addition to our team. It’s not uncommon for them to turn up at any of our sites to find a line of residents ready for their treatments including but not limited to; massage, paraffin wax treatment, TENS, acupuncture, heat therapy and individual exercise programs!

Podiatrists attend our facilities on a regular basis for those that require this service.

A range of options are available for emergency and ongoing dental care.

For residents who prefer a quieter activity, all sites have a well stocked library with good collections of large print books.

A mobile x-ray can be arranged if required with a referral from your GP.

We can help you find an optometrist near us.

Our Activities Officers are trained to deliver an extensive activities program, including weekly bus outings to special functions or nearby shopping centres as well as day trips to various destinations for resident enjoyment. Every resident is encouraged to participate in an activities program whether that be group or individual activities or a combination of both however residents may wish to decline and we understand this. Some of the activities on offer include; group exercises, individual exercise programs including the use of a treadmill for some, walking groups, cooking, gardening, arts and crafts, movie days, concerts and other entertainers who come to us, bingo, word games, quizzes, hand massage, nail therapy and pet therapy.

Our bus accommodates residents with decreased mobility as it has a lift installed. Positive feedback from our residents about the bus trips has been overwhelming.

Each site holds a monthly café where residents can enjoy a variety of delights from milkshakes and croissants, to tea in fine china and petite fours. This is a very popular event amongst the vast majority of residents.

Each facility has a kiosk for purchase of convenience items to tide residents through until next weeks shopping trip or until a family member/friend can assist them with necessary items.

All of our respite rooms are fully furnished including a television. Respite residents at Lake Haven Court and Killarney Court have direct dial telephones installed.