COVID-19 Visitation Update – 26 June 2021


Please read the full update Coronavirus Letter to Residents & Families 26 June 2021

With the unfolding COVID situation and the lockdown from 6pm last night, the following changes will be made to visitation

-All visitors to the facility will be excluded, except those performing essential caring functions
-All staff must continue to wear surgical masks
This is a precautionary step and may change as advice is received from NSW Health.

It is especially important that residents maintain safe contact with their families during this period and we will continue to provide opportunities for staying in contact with residents via electronic means (Skype, Zoom etc) and I am aware that many families have taken up this option and residents have reported enjoying these virtual visits. Please contact the facility to book a time for a virtual visit.

We will keep you advised of any further changes as more information comes to hand.

Stay safe,
Greg Williams – Chief Executive Officer