Our Volunteers

Our Volunteers

Our Volunteers are valued members of the team at CCCCA. They work in harmony with the staff to enhance the quality of life and opportunities for residents in our care.

Volunteers are people from the community who have an interest in helping others that need assistance, whether that is to participate in their chosen leisure activities, or just a listening ear and a hand to hold. Volunteers are people who have time for others, good listening and communication skills and are happy to share their experience, time, and energy.

Training is available for volunteers to enhance their experience in volunteering and add to their skills base. Volunteers are supported by the Facility Managers to reach mutually agreed goals.

Volunteers provide the following services:

  • Assisting activity staff with recreation and leisure activities
  • Assisting with outings
  • Assisting residents with writing their life stories
  • Providing a listening ear, a hand to hold and someone to converse with
  • Individual activities
  • Entertainment
  • Assisting in the dining room

Persons wishing to volunteer in any capacity should contact the Facility Manager at the preferred facility.

We have staff dedicated to helping our prospective residents easily understand the process of entering into aged care. Call us on 1300 202 290 and we’ll do our best to help you!