Facility Manager – Killarney Court Aged Care Facility

Full time
Killarney Vale
Posted 12 months ago

TITLE: Facility Manager

LOCATION: Killarney Court Aged Care Facility

REPORTING TO: Executive Care Manager


The purpose of this position is to uphold the dignity and respect of Killarney Court residents
by enabling all levels of staff to work within a relationship-based model of care (Consumer
Directed Care) that is based on building trust and partnerships with the residents to support
the provision of quality care and services that is co-designed with the residents. You will
provide leadership, overall direction, coordination and management of staff. You will enable
the residents to be the decision makers in their daily lives and ensure positive outcomes in
the standard of resident care within budget.



  • Collaborating with Residents, their families along with employees to develop goals that promote physical, mental, social, spiritual and intellectual well-being.
  • Ensure that the resident’s individual lifestyle goals are identified, and programming is developed understanding the cohorts needs and wants in line with a Consumer Directed Model of Care. • Take into consideration the residents cultural/diverse background and consider ways to engage with the resident that is culturally sensitive.
  • Ensure all paperwork has been completed with no errors regarding the documentation of incidents and near misses, ACFI along with partner-in-care resident care plans/assessments. • Liaise with the ACFI Coordinator in relation to documentation issues associated with Care Planning, Clinical Care and ACFI.
  • Work with the Executive Team and the Quality & Compliance Manager to monitor and evaluate service delivery in meeting strategic objectives; alignment with the Consumer Directed Care Model.
  • Responsible for clinical governance and adherence to the Aged Care Standards.
  • Responsible for all clinical and support staff understanding the standards relevant to their position.
  • Responsible to ensure staff are managed and developed to ensure optimum delivery of care under the standards.
  • In conjunction with other members of the Management team, actively participate in operational planning and management.
  • Advise and provide direction to staff on the application and implementation of policies and procedures supporting the Consumer Directed Care Model.
  • Maintaining and improving standards, whilst understanding the need for strong financial stewardship and business performance.
  • Lead and continuously devise methods of implementing the principles of Continuous Quality Improvement.
  • Participate in the development and management of budgets and relevant reports.
  • Participate in the development and management of the admissions process.
  • Conduct clinical audits to ensure compliance with relevant legislation.
  • Provide reports in relation to area of responsibility to the Executive Care Manager as required.
  • Cultivate positive and effective relationships with staff and other stakeholders and employees. Sharing your skill set with others to help them grow within their own roles and enabling opportunity for growth and career planning.
  • Establish Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and Performance Goals for employees and review annually.
  • Support and conduct probation reviews with newly recruited employees.
  • Liaise with ECM to ensure that employees are appropriately qualified, certified and trained with proven abilities to perform their responsibilities at the level required.
  • Conduct counselling and disciplinary discussions with employees as appropriate. • Ensure that formal complaints and grievance procedures are followed.
  • Report/document any complaints or requests from residents and/or their families to the Executive Care Manager as soon as practicable.
  • Coach and mentor staff and lead counselling discussions (as appropriate).

Financial and Compliance Management

  • Manage ACFI targets and identify gaps – regularly review ACFI scores with the Executive Care Manager and ACFI Coordinator.
  • Assess pre-entry support plans as required.
  • Plan and implement systems to ensure purpose and goals are achieve efficiently and effectively
  • In conjunction with the Executive Care Manager plan and allocate resources to effectively staff and accomplish the work to meet the facility’s productivity and quality goals.
  • Establish and maintain relevant controls and feedback systems to monitor the operation of the facility.
  • In conjunction with the Executive Care Manager review performance data that includes financial, sales, to monitor and measure the facility’s productivity, goal achievement, and overall effectiveness.
  • Manage the preparation and maintenance of reports necessary to carry out the functions of the facility. Prepare periodic reports for the Board of Directors and the management team to track compliance strategic goal accomplishment.
  • Monitor changes in resident care needs and how they will influence staff training and ACFI

Resident Care

Ensure the accreditation standards are achieved through:

  • Effective human resource management within the facility
  • Effective communication with residents and families
  • Effective communication with health professionals Maintaining own current knowledge and best practice in aged care
  • Monitoring workplace systems are effective in identifying training needs within the facility
  • Monitoring and reviewing the complaints procedure
  • Ensuring policies are reviewed and emphasise best practice

Quality Assurance

  • Ensure Accreditation Standards are understood. Key areas involving direct staff responsibility are to be identified and appropriate training to be provided – standard business on staff meetings.
  • Provide oversight and direction
  • Provide oversight and direction to the employees in the facility in accordance with the organisation’s policies and procedures
  • Oversee the day to day running of the facility.
  • Care – ensure residents needs being met
  • Support – is the environment being maintained appropriately
  • Resident – provide support to resident, family, LMO
  • Ensure staff have the necessary equipment to perform their role
  • Ensure staff understand the responsibilities of their role.
  • Provide on the job training and coaching
  • Participate in orientation
  • Maintain transparent communication. Appropriately communicate organization information through department meetings, one-on-one meetings, Management Advantage messaging, and regular interpersonal communication.
  • Ensure Workplace Safety Inspections are being conducted.

WHS Specific

  • Take reasonable care of your own health and safety.
  • Take reasonable action to ensure that your acts do not adversely affect the health and safety of any other persons.
  • Comply, so far as you are reasonably able, with any reasonable instruction given by the management of Alino Living.
  • Report all incidences to your supervisor/facility manager immediately.
  • Report to the facility fit for duty.
  • Cooperate with the necessary policies and procedures relating to the health and safety at the facility (including but not limited to infection control)

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